Our Team

Matt Walton - Matt is our Head of Business Development, Sales
and Recruitment, who has a wealth of Business and Engineering
experience. Matt will ensure that any business gained from you would be
set up and executed quickly and efficiently.

Rona Wyllie - Rona joined GH Resourcing in 2018
and is responsible for administration, payroll and general office
duties. She has over 20 years experience in similar roles.

Coleen Farrell - Coleen started in early 2014 and is now our Resource Manager. 
She looks after both our new and existing clients and specialises in volume recruitment. She is forward thinking and
reliable and brings with her a vast knowledge of administration and
recruitment experience.

Anne Hamilton - Anne believes that any successful
venture needs a blend of honesty, professionalism and simple hard work.
 She works part time assisting with general office activities, you will
find her approachable and helpful whenever you need her assistance.

Rachel Hamilton  - Rachel is a chartered accountant who looks after the business affairs of the company.  

Jim Hamilton - Jim, the managing director of our
company, is a chartered accountant with more than thirty years business
experience behind him. Jim does not play a hands-on role in GH
Resourcing but is involved quietly behind the scenes.   


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